Tips to survive your financial stress in business.

With the onset of the pandemic – most businesses have had to suffer. With the loss in revenue and dwindling profits – the financial climate has mostly been out of our control. During these times, running and sustaining a business can cause you quite a bit of financial stress, and hence leading to mental stress as well.

Here are a few tips that can assist you in surviving the financial stress your business is still facing!

  • Effective Communication:

Talking to your family and friends, accepting the reality will help you deal with the situation better. It will give you a better perspective, as well as help you solve the problem faster. It might also give you a solution, something your stressed mind is not able to come up with. So effectively communicate.

  • Prioritize the spends:

Go through your bank statements to analyze spends. Understand the expenditure columns, see your fixed and variable expenses, and try to curb the variable ones as much as possible. This will give you a breather, especially when new money is not coming in.

  • Offload your debts:

Now is a good time to get rid of all your debts. Check which ones have the highest interest rate and start by clearing it out. With the help of accounting firms in Dubai – you can create a plan that helps you reduce your credit card debts, and free up funds for savings and investments.

  • Set realistic goals:

To ensure long-term stability – create a sustainable roadmap about paying off your debts, and regarding your savings. Prioritize your expenses, make a realistic budget plan, and pay off your debts.

  • Save as much as possible:

This one goes without saying. If your business is going through financial stress, take assistance from audit firms in Abu Dhabi and understand the best way to save money for your business.

In such crucial times – financial planning and consultation is extremely important for all businesses. If your business is looking for financial consultation, get in touch with TRC Pamco, one of the leading accounting firms in Dubai – they offer exceptional financial advisory services.

The pros and cons of LLC company formation in Dubai

Are you looking to expand your business and looking for great investment opportunities in Dubai? Well, you are looking right. Now, although Dubai is a hub for emerging entrepreneurs, there are some critical decisions to be taken – the most important one being the legal structure of the organization. The options are: Sole Proprietorship, Civil Company and Limited Liability Company (LLC). For a start-up, LLC is one of the best routes to ensure you are subsequently shielded from the (any) pitfalls of your business.

Read on to know the pros and cons of LLC company formation in Dubai:

Pros of LLC Company

Affordable: It is quite affordable to set up an LLC company, and one of the most followed formats by expats in Dubai. The minimum capital requirement also depends on the nature, size, and type of the business – making it beneficial for most business owners.

Easy and Quick to set up: There is paperwork involved, but with the right company formation partners – the process can be very swift. There are not too many compliances involved, making it feasible.

Taxation: With an LLC company, you avoid the charge of double taxation, and the tax structure aids in avoiding personal stress, incase of any business turmoil.

Investor Visa: Being an investor for LLC companies in Dubai – the investor can enjoy certain leverages in the Emirate.

Cons of LLC Company


Trade Limitations: Depending on the free zone you are setting up your business in, you will be faced with certain trade limitations. However, depending on the type of your business, there shouldn’t be any issue in conducting your business activities within the set geographical area.

Local partner: For a Limited Liability Company – it is important to have a local partner, who will be a 51% owner of the company. This is one of the biggest limitations as owners feel the loss of autonomy over their business. However, there is always the option to set up a business in a free zone if you want to retain 100% ownership of the business.

For offshore companies in UAE – looking to actively invest in Dubai – reach out to TRC Pamco, one of the leading audit firms in Dubai, they can help with company formation in Dubai.

How to Select a Reliable Bookkeeping & Accounting Partner for your Business in Dubai?

Accounting and bookkeeping are at the core of any business, and having the right partners is very essential to the growth of your business. But first, let us understand our outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting and benefit your business.

Outsourcing the right bookkeeping services in UAE helps you avoid the payroll and visa costs for an in-house employee. You get access to valuable expertise, and a team that continues working even if a single employee decides to leave. Additionally, it also saves on the training and management overheads.

Once we have understood the benefits, how do you know a partner is right? Read on!

  • Team and Expertise

First and foremost, research a little about the team, their strengths. Given the transition of the economy into new tax structures and changes, it is best to have a firm that is hands on and has the right people in their team.

  • Availability and Support

Sync the audit team with your work structure. Do they fit in? Are they available when you need them? You must have a team that is in sync with your business, helping it grow. This will enable quick decision making, and your business can look out for better growth opportunities.

  • Amount & Structure of Fees

Most firms have different fee structures, and this must be confirmed right at the start. Given the volume of work, you must assess your accounting needs before finalizing your outsourced accounting partners.

  • Goals

Are the firm’s goals aligned to yours? Accounting firms should be able to help you set business goals, and then show you the path required to leverage on the business profits. This is especially important in a dynamic environment.

To know more about some of the best audit firms in Dubai, check out TRC Pamco, your reliable bookkeeping and accounting partners of all times. They are a team of experienced professionals, and can help you with end-to-end accounting solutions, helping your business grow and shine.